The Shire of Westonia have established standpipes around the shire to allow farmers access to non-potable water for spraying and stock purposes if they have exhausted their personal reserves. Access to water from the standpipes requires a swipecard issued by Shire Administration.

There are no pumps within each standpipe's tanks so water pressure is purely dependent on gravity. If you wish to take water out at a faster rate you will need to provide your own transfer pump.

These standpipes can be flipped into a Fire Mode during emergencies, where water can be taken without the need for a swipecard when a bushfire incident has occurred.

Site Details

Boodarockin/George Rd Community 20mm
Warrachuppin/George Rd Community 20mm
M40/Boodarockin Rd Community 20mm
Walgoolan TS Commercial 50mm
Westonia TS Commercial 50mm
Carrabin TS Commercial 50mm
Cranleigh Commercial 40mm
McPharlin Rd Community 25mm
Warralakin East Community 20mm

Asset control is important to the Shire and this upgrade will assist in raising vital revenue as well as reducing costs to the community.


Council acknowledges that the need to have standpipes to provide water to the community is important. Customers wishing to purchase water from the commercial and community standpipes will be able to via an electronic standpipe management system using a swipe card. Swipe cards are available from the Shire Administration Office. Domestic cards (farmers) will be free for the first card and additional cards will be charged at $20. Commercial cards ( Mine/Contractors) will be charged at $20 upon completion of the required application form.

These swipe cards can be obtained by filling out the appropriate application form and attending the Shires Administration to pick up the card. To view Standpipe application form please use this link.  Click Here

To use the swipecard, hold the card up to the sensor on the front of the standpipe control box for around 2 seconds. You should see a dark green (not amber/yellow) light indicating that the standpipe has recognized a valid card. Select which outlet to take water from (standpipe overhead pipe, or tank) if there is an outlet selection knob, then press the green button to open the standpipe valve.

If you are unable to come into the Shire's Administration Office, the form can be faxed or emailed to you to complete and return; payment of the bond can be made by card over the phone. Your swipecard will then be mailed to you. Please note that we can't guarantee that the swipecard will reach you by mail, and in the event the swipecard is used by another person, you will be liable for standpipe usage charges.

For further help or information, please call the Shire on (08) 90467063.


Invoicing is done monthly, with your usage fees sent out according to your contact details supplied on the initial standpipe card application form.

 The cost of water from the standpipe will be charged at the designated price for each location. As per water charges 2022 Answers to frequently asked questions are available. (See attached FAQ Info sheet).

 The proposed changes in water charges by the Water Corporation on rural fixed water standpipes have necessitated LGA to make changes on the way they manage their standpipe assets so as to:

  • Recognise that water is a valuable, but scarce commodity;
  • Provide a cost efficient standpipe service to the public and other users with a user pay system that can be effectively monitored;
  • Provide water during fire emergencies; and
  • Provide water to farmers in times of declared drought.

Should you need further clarification or wish to comment then please direct your emails to  or contact Bill Price, CEO on 90467063