Building Licenses

A building permit is required for all buildings erected in Westonia prior to any work commencing. A building includes dwellings, patios, sheds, pools and pergolas.

People wishing to apply for a building permit will need to call in to the Shire of Westonia's offices to collect a yellow building permit application envelope in which to submit their building permit application.  They can also collect an uncertified or certified building permit application form from the shire's offices.  People submitting either a certified or uncertified building application form will also need to submit two copies of their plans for the construction work they wish to undertake.  A building permit fee will also be advised by Allan Ramsay Building and Health Surveyor and this amount is then payable to the Shire of Westonia directly.

Uncertified and certified building permit application forms are available by clicking on the links below. A Certified Building Permit Application form should only be used where your builder is able to provide a certificate of building design compliance that is signed by a registered building surveyor. Most people seeking a building permit will need to use the Uncertified Building Permit Application form.

Uncertified Building Permit Application Form

Certified Building Permit Application Form

For further information contact Allan Ramsay Building and Health Surveyor on (+61) 0419 952 043  or email