The Shire of Westonia is served by the President, and Deputy President, along with four other Elected Councillors who represent the interests of the whole Shire (there now being no designated Wards). The Councillors represent a diverse range of interests and provide a resource of community and business knowledge. Correspondence to individual Councillors should be addressed with their name and sent to 41 Wolfram Street, Westonia WA 6423.

The Shire has adopted the following Code of Conduct 2020 in relation to Council Members, Committee Members and Employees

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Cr Karin Day
(08) 9044 7014
Cr Bill Huxtable
Deputy President
(08) 9046 7162
Cr Renae Corsini
(08) 9046 7171
Cr Daimon Geier
Cr Ross Della Bosca
(08) 9046 7180
Cr John Jefferys
(08) 9041 5892