Rates & Financial

To provide continued services, upgrades and maintenance to Council and community facilities, Council needs to rate properties.

The Valuer Generals Office provides regular valuations, which are linked with Council's rate in the dollar. Council uses Gross Rental Value and Unimproved Value for its rating purposes.

Council Officers can assist you with the following information and advice relating to:

  • Rates information
  • Pensioner rates rebate scheme
  • Change of ownership and address
  • Property enquiries (fees are payable)
  • Council elections
  • Electoral roll


Rates Officer: Mrs Stacey Geier - Shire Administration Office
Phone: (08) 9046 7063
Fax: (08) 9046 7001
Email: rates@westonia.wa.gov.au

Ratepayer Information

Council rates are a contribution each property owner makes towards the cost of providing facilities and services in the Shire of Westonia.

Click here -  For Rates Information 2021/2022


The 2021/22 rates are due by 8th September 2021 if paying in full. Alternatively, if you have arranged with us to pay in instalments, those due dates are indicated in the table below.

If you have, or believe you will have, difficulty in paying your rates please contact the Rates Officer on 9046 7063 to make a payment arrangement and avoid legal action being taken. The Shire has taken a strict approach to unpaid rates in recent years and this policy will continue.

Please note that if you make your payment by Online we will not send out a receipt.   REFERENCE: Rate Holders Name and/or Assessment No.


In Person 

Bring your intact rate notice to Council’s Customer Service Centre at Wolfram Street, WESTONIA WA 6423.

You can pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. MasterCard, Visa cards are accepted.

By Mail  

Make Cheques payable to SHIRE OF WESTONIA, and crossed “NOT NEGOTIABLE”.

Complete and Mail the cheque and payment slip to Shire of Westonia, Wolfram Street, Westonia WA 6423


Direct Debit


ACCOUNT: 552927

REFERENCE: Rate Holders Name and/or Assessment No. Rate Instalments

Rates Instalments

Council gives ratepayers the opportunity to either pay one payment or to pay the rates off by instalments. To be eligible for this payment option the first payment must be received by 7th September 2020.

1st Instalment 8 September 2021
2nd Instalment 10 November 2021
3rd Instalment 12 January 2022
4th Instalment 16 March 2022
Charges on Rate Instalment Plans

The attached budget contains pre covid interest rate of 5.5% charged on Installment plans.

 In addition, The administration charge of $12 on each installment has been reinstated

 Interest Charges on Overdue rates

The attached budget contains a pre covid interest rate of 11% charged on overdue rates .

Objection to Valuations

Ratepayers may object to the valuation of a property within 60 days of date of issue of the rates notice. To object to a valuation you must lodge an objection in writing to the Valuer General's Office. Information and forms to facilitate this can be found at the Landgate website.

Pensioner Rate Rebate

Eligible pensioners/seniors who wish to avail themselves of the Government's rate rebate scheme must apply to do so within 35 days from the issue of the rates notice and must pay the balance of the rates within the particular year of which the rates were levied. Pensioners who do not wish to take advantage of the rebate may still continue to defer their rates as has applied previously.

Council Receipts

Receipts will only be returned by mail if specifically requested. For further information refer to the back of the rates notice and attachments.

2021/22 Budget Information & Fees and Charges

View a full list of the Budget Information, Fee & Charges 2021/2022 here.

Emergency Services Levy

Effective from 1 July 2003, all property owners in Western Australia will pay the Emergency Services Levy, introduced by the State Government. All Local Governments across the State are required to collect the levy on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) by including it on the rate notices. This new levy will be listed on rate notice as a separate item and will be clearly identified as the "Emergency Services Levy." All Residential and vacant land property owners will pay a fixed charge levy of $88 in the 2021/2022 year. Mining Tenements will also pay a fixed charge levy of $88 in the 2021/2022 year. Pensioners and seniors who qualify for a rebate on their Local Government rates will be eligible for the same concession on the Emergency Services Levy. The levy will not affect the total rebate limit that pensioners and seniors can claim on rates. The levy can also be paid by instalment as part of a payment instalment plan.

To find out more about the levy, including an online calculator, visit the FESA website www.dfes.wa.gov.au

Early Rates Payment Incentive Scheme

WIN! Ratepayers choosing option one will automatically go in the draw to win a share in prizes as part of the Shire of Westonia’s Rates Incentive Competition.

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