The RV dump point is located at the end of Boodarockin Road, Westonia, WA (RV Point Map).  The use of this dump point is free for any travellers.

Located on corner of Boodarockin Rd and Westonia/Carrabin Rd

GPS:-31.29645137, 118.6905752

Opening hours

Open 24 hours


    Located on the Corner of Boodarockin Rd and Westonia/Carrabin Rd it has ample parking and water to wash down

    Dump Points are sites especially designed for Recreational Vehicles (RVs) to dispose of their waste, including Grey and Black Water, and Sewerage in an environmentally safe way.

    Some Dump Points will have a hose provided for the rinsing of your holding tanks. Be mindful that these hoses may have been used to clean waste, and in no circumstances should be used to fill your drinking water tanks.