Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve

These rocks were named after surveyor Henry Sandford King who was active in the area in the late 1880s. He was Surveyor General of Western Australia from 1918-23.

We doubt if you will be disappointed. The rocks are home to a marvellous array of trees and plants - native peaches and sandalwood, wattles, myrtles, native orchids, tiny carnivorous plants and a profusion of colour, all emerging in a low phosphate environment.

Home to rock wallaby, numerous gnamma holes. Every little waterhole is worth looking at. They contain a profusion of life - tiny banded tadpoles, waterfleas and other creatures. The rocks are upholstered in lichens. The wind blows cold around you and civilisation is somewhere else. What a marvellous spiritual experience it is to visit such a place. No shops, no advertisements, Mother Nature totally in charge.

There's a little walk trail and places to sit for a picnic lunch. And from the summit, spectacular views of the impact of goldmining at Westonia. An authentic wild experience.

It protects 806ha of granite outcrop, pools, wildflowers, scrub and woodland. It has many diverse species of flora and fauna. The Sandford Rocks Discovery Trail guide booklet is available from the Shire Office.


Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve is situated 10km north east of Westonia along the Boodarockin road.

No Pets Permitted Picnic Table Available Nice Views From Location Nature Reserve