Private Works

The Shire’s Works Crew is available to undertake private works for individuals or organisations on a contract basis. The Shire has a modern fleet of earthmoving equipment including a road train, trucks, graders, telehandler, loader, roller and water cart. For more information including private works quotes contact the Works Supervisor on 9046 7063.  All Shire of Westonia plant and equipment (except small equipment like lawn mowers) can only be hired with operator, and the hourly hire rates below reflect this requirement.  Plant can be hired for local use at the below rates:

Hire Rates
ItemLocal Hire Cost
Graders per hr $137.50
Loader per hr $137.50
Telehandler per hr $121.00
Semi Sidetipper/Water Tanker per hr $132.00
Road Train Sidetipper per hr $165.00
Multi-tyre Roller per hr $121.00
Tractor per hr $99.00
Mini Excavator per hr $110.00
Utilities per hr $55.00
Light Truck per hr $66.00
New Tree Planter per day $110.00
Old Tree Planter per day $55.00
Small Equipment per day $33.00
Low Loader per day $242.00