Council Owned and Controlled Standpipes

published on Tuesday, 21 July 2020 at 11:49:34 AM

The uncontrolled and unrecouped expenditure of Council controlled standpipes has been a topic of conversation within Council for numerous years with Council deciding in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 budgets to purchase Standpipe Controllers to allow the full recoup of water usage from these standpipes. In Excess of $80,000 of unrecouped expenditure from Council Standpipes has prompted Council’s decision to CLOSE ALL STANDPIPES IMMEDIATELY until controllers are installed. Water can still be accessed, but a key will need to be obtained from Shire Office and the amount of water notified and recouped.

As of 1 July 2019, the WA Water Corporation have increased the unit rates on all Standpipes and is based on a ‘user pays’ principle and in regional Western Australia it has not been implemented according to legislation for fixed standpipes. Current usage patterns on fixed standpipes have shown that commercial suppliers are getting charged at the concessional level by accessing LGA standpipes which is inequitable for other commercial operators that are charged correctly. Accessing large volumes of water from a fixed standpipe can also cause water supply issues to other users on the scheme and any large users need to be directed to the Water Corporation to be set up on a major consumer agreement.

 The major change is the way standpipes are billed. They will now be based on four categories shown below.

  • LA Standpipe – No Annual Service Charge/$2.534 per kilolitre Water Use Charge
  • Community Standpipe - $265.41 Annual Service Charge/$2.534 per kilolitre Water Use Charge
  • Commercial Standpipe - $1,658.93 Annual Service Charge/up to $8.353 per kilolitre Water Use Charge
  • Fire-fighting Standpipe –No Annual Fee 100% discount/No Water Use Charge


Council advised the community and users of the Water Corporations impending decision to impose the new fee structure in October of 2018 and as a result advised that some standpipes would be rationalised and informed users that ‘on-farm’ supplies would potentially need to be installed to reduce costs.

 Council can no longer be subsidizing the farming/business practices and allowing residents from neighboring Shires to utilise these standpipes.

 It must be made clear that All water is recoupable, including domestic and for tendering stock. Once the Standpipe Controllers are introduced, a policy on their use, consumption and recoup will be implemented and portrayed to the community.

 Further information can be obtained by contacting the CEO, Jamie Criddle on 9046 7063 or the Shire President, Karin Day on 0428 447 014.

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