Call for Submissions – Museum Expansion Project

Published on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 at 2:46:54 PM

The Council at its May Ordinary meeting resolved to advertise its intention to undertake an expansion and procurement of the Museum, inviting public submissions to be considered at the next Council meeting.


The Council has an opportunity of acquiring an additional Museum Collection that will complement the existing and extremely successful Hood Penn Museum.

It is estimated that the total cost of the redevelopment project will be in the vicinity of $ 800,000. This will include the extension and full make-for-purpose renovation of the existing Carport façade, connectivity to the administration building, installation of electrical, CCTV security and air conditioning and the procurement of the proposed museum articles for the space. (At the time of this notice the full details of the proposed article procurement is considered a ‘commercial in confidence’ item).

It is intended that a grant application be submitted to Lotterywest to assist in components of the project with the balance of the funds to come from either a Treasury Loan and/or the Community Development Reserve.  


With the likelihood that the Edna May Gold Mine is going into care and maintenance in the near future, the Council are keen to ensure that Westonia remains relevant and have identified that tourism is a sustainable economic driver for the local economy.

Westonia currently is a highly regarded and desirable destination for travelers due to its excellent Tourist Park facilities, the unique townsite Facades including the Hood Penn Museum, its state-of-the-art recreational amenities and its natural rock destinations.

An expansion of our extremely rare and unique Museum collection will further promote and market Westonia and attract greater numbers of visitors to our region. 

The recent community survey titled ‘Shaping our Future’ was overwhelmingly supportive of Tourism promotion initiatives, particularly a museum expansion. The results of the survey have been communicated to the community in the latest Westonian.

Whilst the results of the survey provide assurances for the Council to progress with this proposal with confidence, the Council are still keen for the community to have a say through a public submission process, which will close by 4pm Thursday 13th June 2024.

Submissions are to be in writing and addressed to the CEO either by email on or posted to PO Box 11 Westonia WA 6423. Further enquiries can be made with the undersigned.

Bill Price

Chief Executive Officer

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