Ward: Westonia   Term: 4 year terms

Candidate Details

District: Shire of Westonia

Candidate Name: Ross DellaBosca

Ballot Paper Name: DELLABOSCA, Ross

Nominating for: Councillor

Election Type: Ordinary

I have lived in Westonia with my family all my life, I have been involved in the farming industry since I left school in 1974, running our own farming business with my wife and children since 1994. Our family has been very involved in the community, we felt there was a need for families to go out and have a meal. So, when the local tavern was for sale, we purchased this business to provide a meal and a place where families could go and have a night out.

I have been involved in the community in the sports council, tennis club and more recently the board of Westonia community co-op for 15 years. Whilst on council I have been involved in the redevelopment of the caravan park, Westonia Primary School site, the swimming pool and bowling club project, the street scape, the amalgamation of CRC to work within and its operations to be run by the shire and the setup of the new medical centre.

I would like to take this opportunity to re-nominate myself for a position on the council to get involved in the further development of tourism, amenity improvements and road projects for the community of Westonia. I can be contacted on my mobile 0428467180.

Ross DellaBosca
Mobile: 0428467180
Postal Address: 481 DellaBosca Road, Westonia WA 6423

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