Granite Outcrops

Granite outcrops are either inselbergs (isolated rock hills or knobs) or monoliths, (a single massive stone or rock).  Erosion usually exposes these geological formations, which are often made of very hard and solid metamorphic or igneous rock made from granite.  Rising abruptly from the gently sloping or level surrounding plain, they dominate the surrounding bushland.

When exploring the outcrops ensure that you wear suitable footwear. In summer it can be hot on the rocks so take plenty of water, a hat and sun screen. In winter the rocks can be slippery and it can be windy on top. So rug up and enjoy!

Listed below in alphabetical order are our granite outcrops to explore.

Baladjie Rock

Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve

Elachbutting Rock

Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve

Yanneymooning Hill Nature Reserve