HUXTABLE, Bill Election Candidate

Candidate Details

District: Shire of Westonia

Candidate Name: William James Huxtable

Ballot Paper Name: HUXTABLE, Bill

Nominating for: Councillor

Election Type: Ordinary

For the Past 8 years I have been a councillor on the Westonia Shire. I have been a part of so many changes within our great Shire over this period and this has made my time in my position an extremely rewarding experience.

We don't know what the future holds, especially for our younger generation who live with our Shire, but our number one priority must be to manage and maintain the exceptional lifestyle that is Westonia. I believe it is important to continue to document and promote the history of our beautiful town in the years ahead so as to attract tourists to the area far into the future.

I would like to continue on as a member of the great 6 councillors that represent the wonderful people of the Shire of Westonia. I William Huxtable, hereby give notice that Iam applying for another term in office to help serve the people in the Shire of Westonia

Bill Huxtable
Mobile:0438 934 582
Postal Address: 23 Pyrite Street, Westonia WA 6423


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