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Rates Information 2016/2017

Council rates are a contribution each property owner makes towards the cost of providing facilities and services in the Shire of Westonia. 

What Are Rates?

Rates are a property tax levied on the land value (as determined by the Valuer General). There are two types of rates - ordinary and special. Council must levy ordinary rates on the following land categories reflecting the dominant use of the land - residential, farmland and business. The Westonia Shire Council’s rating structure is based on a two-part structure consisting of an ad-valorem amount and a base amount.

Why Have Rates?

The Westonia Shire Council needs income to carry out services for the local community. The main sources of Council's income are rates, fees and charges, grants, borrowings and investments. Council is required by law to impose rates but has considerable flexibility in working out the mix of income sources.

Differential Rates

The budget also contains the following provisions from last year


Rate Category


Increase (Reduction)

GRV Residential



GRV Mining



UV Rural



UV Mining



Differential Rate Explanation

This Statement is published by the Shire of Westonia in accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995 to advise the public of its objectives and reasons for implementing differential rates. The purpose of levying of rates is to meet Council’s budget requirements in each financial year in order to deliver services, facilities and community infrastructure. Property valuations provided by the Valuer General are used as the basis for the calculation of rates each year. Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act provides the ability to differentially rate properties based on zoning and/or land use as determined by the Shire of Westonia. The application of differential rating maintains equity in the rating of properties across the Shire, enabling the Council to provide facilities, services and infrastructure to the entire community and visitors to the area.

Council advertised that it proposed to adopt the following rates in the dollar for the 2016/17 budget with submissions to close by the 17th June 2016. No Objections were raised.

Rate Category

Cents in the $

General GRV


Mining GRV


Mining UV




The Differential Rates advertised were the equivalent of a 5% rate increase. The 2016/17 Budget was adopted with a 5% rate increase across the board.

 Concession on Rates

Pensioners and service card holders who meet certain criteria are entitled to claim a concession of up to 50% of the current year’s rates and Emergency Service Levy or, in some instances, a deferment of those rates. These concessions may also apply to holders of both a State Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Seniors Card holders may be entitled to claim a concession of up to 25% of their current years rates (subject to a maximum) and Emergency Service Levy.

 To be eligible for concessions under the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992, applicants must:

Be the holder of a Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or a State Seniors Card; and be the owner and resident of the property as at 1 July in that rating year.

Concessions are paid on the Rates and Emergency Service Levy only. All other charges must be paid by the due date.

If you own and occupy a property as at 1 July of the current financial year and receive a Pension or Seniors card or a Commonwealth Seniors Health card during that year, please immediately apply to receive a pro rata concession. These concessions are applicable from the date your application is received at Council or by the Water Corporation.

When a ratepayer, who is registered as an entitled person, ceases to be entitled, that ratepayer must give notice to the Council and the registration will be cancelled.  Any person who wilfully makes a false statement in an application, or who remains registered as an entitled person knowing they are not eligible, is guilty of an offence.  (Penalty $1,000).

An added benefit of this scheme is that no penalty interest applies to eligible persons.

How to Apply for a Concession

Concession Claim forms are available at the Council offices located at 41 Wolfram Street, Westonia.  Completed forms are to be hand delivered to the Council offices to enable your Concession Card to be sighted.

 Payment of Rates 

Ratepayers who Pay Rates in full, by the due date of 2nd September 2016 will go into the draw for the early payment of rates incentive prize (See overleaf).

 Due Dates for Payment of Rates

The Local Government Act provides that ratepayers have the right to pay rates by one, two or four Instalments or by some other instalment plan that is set forth in the local government’s budget.

 Rate Payment Options

Ratepayers may pay their rates in the following ways, based on an “Issue Date” of 28th July 2016:

 One Payment (Option 1)

If you pay your account by the due date in one payment, no interest charge or administration charge will be incurred. Due date of 2nd  September 2016;

 Two Instalments (Option 2)

You have the option to pay your rates by two Instalments, provided that the first instalment, including any arrears, is paid by the due date.  This option will incur administration and interest charges. Due dates of 2nd  September 2016 and 4th January 2017.

 If you do not pay the first instalment of Option 2 amount by the due date, the whole balance becomes payable immediately and interest, calculated at a higher penalty rate, is payable on the rates balance outstanding until it is paid in full.

 Four Instalments (Option 3)

You have the option to pay your rates by four Instalments, provided that the first instalment, including any arrears, is paid by the due date.  This option will incur administration and interest charges. Due dates of 2nd September 2016, 4th November 2016, 6th January 2017 and 10th March 2017.

 If you do not pay the first instalment of Option 3 amount by the due date, the whole balance becomes payable immediately and interest, calculated at a higher penalty rate, is payable on the rates balance outstanding until it is paid in full.

Direct Debit  

BSB:                                 306-022

ACCOUNT:                       5529275

REFERENCE:                   Rate Holders Name and/or Assessment No.

  Pay In Person:

Bring your intact rate notice to Council’s Customer Service Centre at Wolfram Street, WESTONIA WA 6423. You can pay by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. MasterCard, Visa cards are accepted.

 Credit Card Via Phone:

EFTPOS. MasterCard, Visa cards are accepted for all Council & Transport Licencing Transactions.

 Payment By Mail:

Make Cheques payable to SHIRE OF WESTONIA, and crossed “NOT NEGOTIABLE”. Complete and Mail the cheque and payment slip to Shire of Westonia, Wolfram Street, Westonia WA 6423

 Interest Charges on Overdue rates

The attached budget contains a continuation of the use of 11% in this regard.

 Charges on Rate Instalment Plans

The attached budget contains a continuation of the use of 5.5% as a charge on outstanding instalment payments.

 In addition there is an administration charge of $12 on each instalment payment except the first instalment.

Refuse Collection Charges

This is to be increased to $160 per 240 litre bin to cover increasing refuse site charges.

 Change of Address and Ownership

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the home owner to advise the Council of any change of address or ownership so as to enable us to serve notices. Notification is required in writing.

 Statement of Loan Debt

No New loans have been raised in the 2016/2017 Budget. Council’s loan liability as at the 30th June 2016 is $330,997 with the balance at 30th June 2017 expected to be to $246,149

 Emergency Services Levy on Council Rates Notice

Effective from 1 July 2003, all property owners in Western Australia will pay the Emergency Services Levy, introduced by the State Government. All Local Governments across the State are required to collect the levy on behalf of the Fire and Emergency Services Authority (FESA) by including it on the rate notices. This new levy will be listed on rate notice as a separate item and will be clearly identified as the "Emergency Services Levy." 

All Residential and vacant land property owners will pay a fixed charge levy of $71 year. Mining Tenements will also pay a fixed charge levy of $71 year.

 Pensioners and seniors who qualify for a rebate on their Local Government rates will be eligible for the same concession on the Emergency Services Levy.

 The levy will not affect the total rebate limit that pensioners and seniors can claim on rates. The levy can also be paid by instalment as part of a payment instalment plan.

 To find out more about the levy, including an online calculator, visit the FESA website


Any person not satisfied with the valuation allotted to their property may lodge an objection with the Valuer Generals’ Office. Such objection must be lodged within 60 days after the issue of the rate assessment notice.

 An objection must be in writing and may be on the grounds that a valuation is not fair and just, is inequitable and incorrect, whether by itself or in comparison with other property valuations.

 Valuation Service Branch

PO Box 7201 Cloisters Square

PERTH  WA 6850

The lodgement of an objection does not remove the obligation to pay the full amount of the rates, based on the valuation objected to, by the date specified on the assessment.

 For more information on your valuation please contact the Valuer General on (08) 9429 8500 or access their website.

Click here for Landgate's property valuation questions & answers brochure.

 Payment Difficulties

Payment arrangements may be made in cases of financial hardship. Payment arrangements are confidential and are a preferred option to legal recovery. To arrange an alternative fortnightly or monthly payment arrangement please contact the Rates Department for further information.

 Early Rate Payment Incentive Scheme

WIN! Ratepayers choosing option one will automatically go in the draw to win a share in prizes as part of the Shire of Westonia’s Rates Incentive Competition.

Click here to view this year's prizes and prize winners.





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