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Granite Outcrops

Dec 13 Elachbuttg RockElachbutting Rock

Elachbutting Rock is a spectacular natural rock formation with similar features to Wave Rock. The rock has a number of large cavern areas and is surrounded by natural bushland.

Elachbutting has a reputation for being bigger, better and more pristine than any Wheatbelt granite rock formation that you may have seen before.

The name Elachbutting is thought to mean "that large thing standing" which is quite feasible as the large granite rock formation is a prominate landmark standing out from the surrounding countryside.

The rock is around 100km north of Westonia and is easily accessed via well maintained gravel roads.

A single unisex toilet facility is present at Elachbutting Rock. Visitors are encouraged to take all they need for a day trip and then take all they took home with them again.

Yanneymooning ReserveDec 13 Yanneymooning Rock

Located on the corner of Elachbutting and Echo Valley Roads 75kms north of Westonia, Yanneymooning is a 513ha reserve comprising granite rock formations and bushland.

The abundant, ornate dragon lizard (Ctenophurus Ornatus) is an entertaining feature of the Yanneymooning Rock.

Yanneymooning is on the road to Elachbutting and is ideally situated to visit on a day trip to Elachbutting Rock.

Baladjie RockBaladjie Rock

A popular picnic spot for locals and visitors, Baladjie Rock is located on the Koorda-Bullfinch Road 42kms north east of Westonia.

The extensive granite outcrops are situated in an attractive woodland adjacent to Baladjie Lake. A climb up the main rock provides a spectacular view of the nearby lake system and surrounding landscape.

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