New Restricted Burning Times in Place for April

published on Tuesday, 31 March 2020 at 9:19:48 AM

From Wednesday, the Restricted Burning Time for Local Governments in the southern half of Western Australia - from the MidWest Gascoyne through to the Great Southern - will be extended to Thursday, 30 April.

The Bush Fire (Restricted Burning Times) Amendment Notice 2020 is due to be gazetted on Tuesday, 31 March outlining that all 129 Local Governments in the southern half of the State will have their Restricted Burning Time extended to Thursday, 30 April.
Local Governments whose Restricted Burning Times has already lapsed will recommence those restrictions on Wednesday, 1 April. Local Governments which have Prohibited Burning Time in place until Thursday, 30 April will not be impacted by these changes.
The Department of Fire and Emergency Services will release a media statement on Tuesday advising land owners planning to burn on their properties to contact their Local Government for a permit.



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