Published on Thursday, 2 December 2021 at 2:27:23 PM

 The Shire of Westonia invites quotations for the supply and installation of a suitable Wastewater Treatment System on site at the Westonia “Old School” Accommodation Precinct.

Technical information and General assumptions are listed below, further details can be obtained by contacting Jamie Criddle on 9046 7063.

Quotations close at 1.00pm, Thursday 16th December 2021 and are to be clearly marked with the Quotation number and may be lodged by hand, email or post to the Shire of Westonia, Wolfram Street, Westonia 6423 or .

Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted, canvassing of Councillors will disqualify.

General assumptions:

  • Rooms

Council have currently tendered for a 14 room ensuited accommodation facility, with the ability to expand to 24 rooms.


  • Wastewater Usage - Non-residential premises

The wastewater system loading rates prescribed in Regulation 29 are limited to a number of broad applications. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide designers of wastewater and associated disposal systems with a more comprehensive list of equivalent premises and uses. The figures below are to be read in conjunction with Regulation 29(1) and are based on an 8 hour day.


Table 2: Human waste hydraulic loading rates

Type of premises (Regulation 29)

Equivalent Use

Combined Flow (L/person/day)


Minesite accomodation camp units



  • Connection from Wastewater facility to buildings to be done by third party.


  • Treated Wastewater

The treated effluent from this system is to be used for gardens through sub strata irrigation pipework. Quotations for this irrigation set up is requested.


  • Associated Costs

Ongoing costs the system in relation to power usage.

Frequency of servicing and cost.





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