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Published on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 3:13:03 PM

What roads are proposed to be renamed?

Seven roads are proposed to be renamed:

  1. Warrachuppin Road (0.75Km) to rename to Lookout Drive
  2. Boundary Road (0.85Km) to rename and add to Warrachuppin Road
  3. Boundary Road (1.71Km) to rename Carrabin-Westonia Road
  4. Carrabin-Westonia Road (1.01Km) to rename Wolfram Street
  5. Galena Street (0.88Km) to rename Boodarockin Road.
  6. Kaolin Street (4.57Km) to Della Bosca Road.
  7. Egg Rock Road (2.1Km) to rename Smith Road.


Why change the road names?

The first five roads listed to be renamed being Warrachuppin, Boundary, Carrabin-Westonia Roads and Galena, Wolfram Streets to clearly define what the roads have been historically known as and will tidy up the recent realignment of Warrachuppin Road.

The sixth road (Kaolin) is to recognise the Della Bosca family descendants of Pip & Elsie Della Bosca originally took up selection of Yilgarn Location 103, 104 in 1946, after leasing the land for several years prior and have been farming in the district since that time (74 years). The road has traditionally be known as ‘Della Bosca’ Road, often confusing visitors to the area.

 The seventh road (Egg Rock) is to recognise the Smith family, descendants of Sidney & Margaret Smith originally took up selection of Yilgarn Location 314 in 1926 and have been farming in the district since that time (94 years).

 What are the guidelines for road names?

All public roads are named through Landgate Geographic Naming under delegation from the Minister for Lands, on the advice of local government.

Landgate Geographic Naming operates according to the ‘Policies and Standards for Geographical Naming in Western Australia’, which defines a set of standards for the naming of roads and other geographic features and places. The 2020 version of the policies and standards document is available from the website


Example policies that apply to roads are:

  • prepositions (such as ‘about’, ‘between’ or ‘near’ must not be used (policy 1.3.3)
  • hyphens (to connect parts of names) and the word ‘and’ must not be used (policy 1.3.8)
  • commemorative names must not be used to commemorate victims of accidents or tragedies (policy 1.4)
  • road names must not be duplicated within a local government area, including names that are similar in sound (policy 2.3)
  • road names should not include a second name to form a double-barrelled name
  • the road type (e.g. ‘Avenue’ or ‘Street’) must be chosen from a list defined in Australian Standards (policy 2.2.2)


More information

For more information about the proposal to rename the roads, please visit

Enquiries may be made to Jamie Criddle at the Shire of Westonia on telephone 9046 7063 or by email to Submissions to be made prior to 30 July 2020.


Jamie Criddle

Chief Executive Officer

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