Published on Wednesday, 23 September 2020 at 11:54:20 AM


Due to the Water Corporations changes to stand pipe water supply charges, there will be changes to the way the Shires standpipes are used and the cost of standpipe water from all Council Controlled Standpipes.

  • The Shire of Westonia currently has nine (9) fixed water standpipes located within the Shire for use by the Shire, for firefighting purposes and the community. These Standpipes are located on Westonia-Carrabin Road, McPharlin Road, Carrabin townsite, Walgoolan townsite, Warralakin Road (Cranleigh), Warrachuppin/George Road, Boodarockin/George Road, Warralakin and Boodarockin (M40).


Earlier in 2019, the Water Corporation contacted rural Western Australian Local Government Authorities (LGA) and advised them that as of 1 July 2019, new water charges will apply to fixed standpipes based on the category of the standpipe and requested that all LGA categorise their standpipes. The Water Corporation presented options for LGAs to categorise their standpipes into, for the purpose of water usage billing. These options were discussed at Council’s 20 June 2019 meeting. To view Council minutes please use this link    


As a result, Council have invested over $100,000 in the 2020/21 Budget to install electronic standpipe controllers to all Council owned and operated Standpipes and will require a swipe card to operate and purchase water.


Water availability for a fire emergency will remain the same, with all Fire Control Officers (FCO’s) being issued with a card to unlock the standpipes. Cards will also be placed in all fire units. For firefighting access, nominated Shire staff will remotely switch the commercial standpipe system to “Fire Mode” whereby the need for a swipe card is not required and water is available to fight fires. There is no charge for water used during a fire event.

Council acknowledges that the need to have standpipes to provide water to the community is important. Customers wishing to purchase water from the commercial and community standpipes will be able to via an electronic standpipe management system using a swipe card. Swipe cards are available from the Shire Administration Office. Domestic cards (farmers) will be free for the first card and additional cards will be charged at $20. Commercial cards ( Mine/Contractors) will be charged at $20 upon completion of the required application form.

These swipe cards can be obtained by filling out the appropriate application form and attending the Shires Administration to pick up the card. To view Standpipe application form please use this link.  Click Here

 The cost of water from the standpipe will be charged at the designated price for each location. (See attached FAQ info sheet).


The proposed changes in water charges by the Water Corporation on rural fixed water standpipes have necessitated LGA to make changes on the way they manage their standpipe assets so as to:

  • Recognise that water is a valuable, but scarce commodity;
  • Provide a cost efficient standpipe service to the public and other users with a user pay system that can be effectively monitored;
  • Provide water during fire emergencies; and
  • Provide water to farmers in times of declared drought.


Answers to frequently asked questions are available. To view Standpipe application form please use this link.  Click Here


Should you need further clarification or wish to comment then please direct your emails to  or contact Jamie Criddle, CEO on 90467063

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