2019 Expressions of Interest - Revegetation & Fencing Assistance

Published: Friday, 7 December 2018 at 10:04:56 AM

Expressions of Interest—Revegetation and Fencing Assistance in 2019


Responses required by Wednesday 19 December 2018 to ensure the continuation of the project.


The Shires of Kellerberrin, Merredin, Mt Marshall, Mukinbudin, Nungarin, and Westonia have applied for funding from the State NRM Office for protecting and/or expanding areas of native vegetation. If you have an area that you are interested in improving then we may be able to provide free seedlings as well as monetary assistance for fencing and/or feral animal management activities.


If you are interested in fencing remnant bushland or receiving seedlings in 2019, please act now. Fill out these few short questions and return to the Shire Offices or to Dylan Copeland at nrmo@icloud.com or on 0488 471 727.


Once this completed form has been received you will be contacted to discuss your proposed site in greater detail.



  • Participants to conduct work only on land within the Shires of Kellerberrin, Merredin, Mt Marshall, Mukinbudin, Nungarin, and Westonia—if you are interested in conducting work in a different Shire please contact me;
  • No stock can have access to the revegetation;
  • Landholders to be responsible for the erection of fences, and feral animal control, and must be prepared to maintain the site for at least 10 years;
  • In-fill projects whether of remnant vegetation or previous revegetation projects are not eligible


Contact details


Property Address/site location:


Preferred Phone Number:                                Email:

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