Shire of Westonia
Shire of Westonia
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The Shire of Westonia is served by the President, and Deputy President, along with four other Elected Councillors who represent the interests of the whole Shire (there now being no designated Wards). The Councillors represent a diverse range of interests and provide a resource of community and business knowledge. Correspondence to individual Councillors should be addressed with their name and sent to 41 Wolfram Street, Westonia WA 6423.

Councillors Details

Karin Day

Cr Karin Day - President

Phone: (08) 9044 7014

Mobile: 0428447014


Elected to Office in 2011        Retiring 2019

Portfolio: WEROC (proxy), Wheatbelt Communities, Emergency Services, WALGA, Community Development, Transport, Development Assessment Panels (proxy), Sport & Recreation

Cr  Doug Hermon - Deputy President

Mobile: 0428400153

Elected to Office in 2011        Retiring 2019

Portfolio: WEROC (proxy), Community Development, Emergency Services, WALGA

Cr Renae Corsini

Phone: (08) 9046 7171

Mobile: 0437168198

Elected to Office in 2015        Retiring 2019

Portfolio: Agriculture, Community Development, Sport & Recreation

Bill Huxtable

Cr Bill Huxtable

Phone: (08) 9046 7162

Mobile: 0459181932


Elected to Office in 2013        Retiring 2017

Portfolio: Community Development, Development Assessment Panels, Tourism

Cr Louis Geier

Phone: (08) 9046 7064

Mobile: 0427467064


Elected to Office in 1984        Retiring 2017

Portfolio: Community Development, Agriculture, Development Assessment Panel, Central East Aged Care Alliance

Cr John Jefferys

Phone: (08) 9041 5892

Mobile: 0428415892

Elected to Office in 1994        Retiring 2017

Portfolio: Transport, Community Development, Development Assessment Panels (proxy) Agriculture, Regional Road Group



Changes to the disclosure requirements around gifts and travel contributions valued over $50 came into effect on March 4, 2016.

Councillors and designated employees are now required to disclose, in writing, to the CEO within 10 days.  A designated employee is the CEO, an employee with delegation of authority, an employee who is a member of a committee comprising councillors and employees and any employee nominated by the local government.  This replaces the previous process of disclosing these annually in a return.

The CEO is required to keep a register of these disclosures and publish the register on the Shire's website.  The Gifts and Contributions to Travel Register can be found by Click Here.

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Events Calendar
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